apartment accomodation melbourne cbd


I love that the apartment is just one level above the main house and yet still has a separate entrance and a kitchen and bathroom.

We have a couple of days to find out how we can get on top of our apartment. We haven’t reached the end of the apartment yet, but I’m pretty sure we’ll find out tomorrow.

That is a great example of how to use an elevator; one level above the main house, yet with separate entrances and a separate kitchen, a separate bathroom and a separate bedroom. If you were to have an apartment on top of apartment, you’d need to have a separate entrance and a separate kitchen and bathroom. That would be much more difficult.

In an apartment on top of an apartment, you could probably use an elevator as the entrance and kitchen, but you’d need to have a separate bathroom.

Sounds like an obvious and efficient solution, unless you want to keep the two separate and use a separate entrance and kitchen.

The key is to make sure there’s an even number of people with you living up in your apartment. If you have a single person living downstairs, that could be a huge plus.

I would add a “dining room” as well, so the two floors could be a single apartment with two separate floors. However, there would be an actual dining area in there with a buffet that people could use. Thats a very cool idea.

No, I didn’t want the two living rooms together. The rooms are actually separate spaces. I had a room for a group of 10 people in the kitchen where we both ate. The plan was to put the two rooms together in the living room as a single unit. I’d like to have a kitchen unit upstairs with a TV with a refrigerator and microwave. That way, I can have a great kitchen and a living room with a couple of separate bedrooms.

This is a very nice idea. I might like the kitchen to have a fridge and that might be nice. It does feel like it would have to be on the top floor. I have a little problem with the stairs. Id love for it to be a little smaller, but it does sound like a nice place to have a living room.


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