Best Bulk Yarn at an Affordable Price From Alibaba Online Store


Generally, Yarn is made with cotton. But it can also make with bamboo and synthetic fiber. You can get the yarn from different brands. The bulk yarn is available on the Alibaba online store. You can get their yarn at a reasonable price.

Different sellers give you a wide variety of yarn. The quality of the product is outstanding. They provide you with different colors of yarn. There are almost 138346 yarn products are available in this store.

additionally, yarn is made with cotton and polyester. When added the polyester helps the wrinkle resistance and gives the softness. The yarn is also available in silk wool which is more softener. There are different types of bulk yarn available. They all have different benefits as well as drawbacks.

Cotton Yarn Best Product

This product is available from the brand litai. They provide a quality product. The price is also reasonable. The thread is made up of 100% cotton. The thread will not affect the heating of the needle.

You can easily be dying this yarn. You can select the color as per your need and dye it. The dye color is long-lasting. The yarn is used for knitting and sewing purp[ose. The yarn is recycled and anti-pilling.

The litai brand uses the Alibaba online store for selling its products. They will also provide a discount or give some offers to the buyer. As the quality of the product also good. You can order through this online store and get the product in time.

Product Specification

Product Cotton Yarn
Brand Litei
Material 100% cotton
Style Feather Yarn
UseĀ  Knitting, sewing,
Features Recycled, Anti-pilling
ColorĀ  Raw color whit
Yarn Count 20 s
Strength 7.8
Pattern Raw
Price PKR 931.85
MoQ 1 kg


This cotton yarn is available on the Alibaba store. They will provide you with this product at a very reasonable price. They provide you in raw form cotton yarn which you color by your own choice.


cotton yarn is a product which is using by in making different things. You can buy a variety of cotton yarn from the Alibaba online Store. They give you delivery on time and provide you a quality product.


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