Best Neon Party Supplies From Alibaba Online Store


There are several brands on the Alibaba online store that provide you with the services of party suppliers. You can find a huge variety of neon party supplies from this store. You select from the huge variety of the product.

You can order different themes in different colors. There are several products for the decoration of parties. For instance, balloons, lights, foils, and so on. You can also select the party suppliers in different colors or according to the theme.

You can find every kind of neon party supplies for your wedding party, birthday, or any other. There is a different brand on the Alibaba Online store which gives the facility to provide the neon party suppliers. They provide good quality and reasonable prices.

LED Light Up Necklace Best Neon Party Supplies

The IShine company provides you with different kinds of LED lights for the party. You can easily use these lights, they are in different colors and of good quality. When you see the light you can find a key switch that is used to turn on the LED light.

There are three green wires which are connected to the LED Lights. There are different bulbs that are blinking in different colors. There are different bulbs for example green, red, yellow, etc. you can also customize them according to your theme.

The quality of the product is really good and the price is affordable. They are using the Alibaba store which is trustworthy. You can get the product on time. You can use these lights also in outdoor, at casual parties, etc.

Product Details

Product Name Led Light Up Necklace
Brand iShine
Colors Red, Yellow, Blue, Green
Size 50 cm
Usage Outdoor, Concert, Party
MOQ 5000 pcs
Working hours  6 to 8 
Type Flip, Magnet, Collapsible, hot box, etc
Material  Plastic
Shape Christmas Bulb
Price PKR 187.21


These LED bulbs are used for different ways. However, you can use these bulbs for different occasions. You can order and get the LED light on time. The quality of the product is remarkable. You can get these LED bulbs at an affordable price.

Final Verdict

When you have a party then you need different things. Alibaba’s online store provides you with all the party items in one place. You can find different types of party supplies and other things there are different brands that give you the facility to give you the party items. You can select the part items according to your need and choice.


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