drug bust


I have been in the news a lot lately and have gotten a lot of flack about it. The first time I got arrested for possession of marijuana, I didn’t even know I was in trouble until I got out of jail and read the news.

Yeah, I can say that I was arrested for that, but it wasn’t for weed, it was for a couple beers. That being said, it would have been really cool to have a couple beers in there, and I know they wouldn’t have hurt me, but I was still really bummed out when I was released.

The fact that I was in jail for a few beers and not for weed means that I didn’t get arrested for anything I did that was more serious. I wasnt arrested for the amount of drugs that were in there, I was arrested for the amount of time and space. Drug possession is only one of the many crimes for which a person can be arrested, and when it comes to time and space in the jail, it is certainly not the most important of the crimes.

In a typical drug arrest, the police have to locate the drugs and then search for the drugs and other evidence. In a typical drug bust, the police get to find the drugs and then search for the other evidence, such as the person who was convicted of possession. Drug possession is generally a fairly minor crime, and unless you are in a position to be sure that you are dealing the right drugs, and have been convicted of possessing the right drugs, you’re unlikely to be arrested for it.

In this case, the police managed to find enough drugs to bring down a major drug dealer. But when they went to arrest him, he refused arrest. He showed them a little something that was on his person that made them think they might be dealing drugs. The police decided that if they were to arrest him, they would have to take him to the police station and interview him. Instead of giving him a ticket to the station, the police decided to give him a ride.

Well, to be fair, the police actually did have to arrest him. But there was another issue that the police needed to resolve. They needed to find a way to get him out of the car. They couldn’t just toss him in the back of the police car and leave him there. They had to get him out of the car, but in a way that he couldn’t be charged with anything.

The police department has to make a decision as to if its worth spending the time and effort to get the guy out of the car. Its not clear whether they should put him in the car, or if they should just let him walk home. Either way, it would be a huge inconvenience for the police department, and for Colt.

It’s possible that the cops had a good reason for doing this, but the officers were extremely quick to shoot the guy with a rifle. It’s not completely clear which officers shot him, but it sure as hell wasn’t the one who called 911. The video footage from the scene shows that the officers were very quick to shoot. It isn’t clear whether the officer who called 911 was the one who fired the rifle.

I don’t think Colt knows, but he definitely is not the one who put the gun to his head. He looks like he’s been fighting a lot of criminals, but that was as a part of his job… and now he’s been forced to kill people.

Colt is not the only one who has been fighting a lot of criminals lately. Earlier this year, Colt was the one who went after two armed robbers who were trying to rob a bank. The robbers had a gun. Colt was very quick to shoot both of them. He also shot a bank employee who tried to get the robbers’ attention, though it’s unclear if he was shot. Colt and the robbers were in a firefight for a good while before the robbers surrendered.


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