famous drug addicts in history


There is a certain level of self-awareness that’s required to live on the other side of the drug debate. If you’re a junkie, you have to be aware of everything you’re doing. If you’re a drug addict, you also have to be aware of everything you’re doing. But because addiction is a very real thing, we’re never actually aware of our actions and reactions.

The reason that people who are addicted to drugs are dying is because they are addicted to drugs. If you were addicted to drugs, you wouldn’t be able to have a job or anything like that. Addiction is a disease; it’s like an overpopulation of people who have been in the streets for a while now. People who are addicted to drugs are like the rest of us. We need to change our behaviors to find happiness.

Some people think that addiction is an excuse. I think its a very real thing that is very easy to become addicted to. Ive come up with that analogy before, that addiction is like a drug that you need to have once to be free of it.

So, is there any way that you can quit taking drugs or at least find a solution to that? This could be really hard because this disease is so tough to cure. It can be a long and painful process, and you’ll probably have to keep going for a while, but if you have the desire to be free from drugs, you can find a solution.

One of the questions I’ve been asked is how many people are addicted to drugs, how many are addicted to alcohol, how many are addicted to heroin, and how many are addicted to cocaine.

The answer is basically all of them. A lot of people use cocaine because it’s a cheap and easy drug that is easy to get and it has a very addictive effect that makes it hard to stop. It doesn’t have as bad side effects as heroin, but it’s a lot more addictive. The problem is that you have to use so much of it to get the same effect as heroin.

The answer is that there are almost 3 billion people addicted to alcohol, and the problem is that there are about 2 billion alcohol addicts. The reason that is why you’re getting so many people addicted to alcohol and heroin without you knowing it. That’s the problem.

The problem is that youre getting addicted not just to alcohol, and especially not to heroin. In fact, heroin is relatively easy to get, alcohol is more difficult. Alcohol becomes very addicting once you start taking it to the point where you want to use it. It is addictive because once you take it, its incredibly hard to stop. You have to take it so much that you feel it in your stomach, but you don’t want to feel it.

The addict is the person who is in love with the drug, is in a relationship with it, and has a deep and abiding need to use it. Once the addict gets hooked on the drug, he will continue to use it for as long as he feels he has a need to. The amount of drugs that someone is using will have a direct and undeniable correlation to the amount of people who are addicted to them.

The drugs themselves have a deep connection to history. It is something inherent to the drugs themselves that they are addictive. The reason why they have a history, it is a connection to something that has happened before. For instance, cocaine is a type of opiate that was used by people throughout history in a lot of different ways. The people who use drugs like cocaine are the people who have a deep need for it.


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