The Temperature Of Language : Our Nineteens Episode 1


Her story was her trying to find a path for herself. Her pals round her all had ambitions and dreams of what they wished to do, however she had terrible grades and lived in her sister’s shadow. You noticed the steady progress in Ji Na’s confidence throughout the collection after she created the textagram account. I liked that she was the guts of the friend group as she truly was delightful. I was actively rooting for her happiness each step of the finest way. This is the drama lodged between A-Teen and At Eighteen.

I comprehend it goes completely along with her character of being a coward, but nonetheless it just aggravates me. I thought it was good that she apologized to Sera as a outcome of the thing was each girls really did assume she was being her trustworthy self with them each. However, I do suppose that Ji Na deserved a WAY BETTER APOLOGY THE FUCK? But as somewhere they frequented so usually to the point of having the stickies up and everything you’ll suppose it would be a little extra guarded?

Soo-jeong asks Yoon-hoo’s mother what is she going to do if her son is Yoon-hoo’s youngster. Yoon-hoo is shocked, and Gook-hwa realizes Soo-jeong’s identification. Later on, when Soo-jeong’s lie is exposed, and Yoon-hoo proposes to Gook-hwa. Despite the objections from the world, Yoon-hoo keeps on relationship with Gook-hwa. However, Shin-hyung is plotting revenge on Gook-hwa, to be able to get Yoon-hoo again. Under pressure from Yoon-hoo’s father, Yoon-hoo is rejected by many firms.

The drama gained many awards at 2006 KBS Drama Awards and was a industrial success reaching a peak score of 43.2% on its January 6 episode and a median viewership of 29.14%. Please permit further time if international delivery is subject to customs processing. International cargo of items may be subject to customs processing and additional costs. First of all, there was the theme of friendship between Jin Ah and Yu Ri and how each women needed each other but obtained caught in their school scandals and norms.

She initially thinks he’s drunk and rejects his emotions. Yoon-hoo tells his dad and mom and Shin-hyung that he does not need to go forward with the marriage. Her insecurity also wyndsong cinemas stems from Yoon-hoo’s apparent lack of dedication to their marriage. ; lit.Pure Nineteen) is a 167-episode South Korean television drama/romantic comedy broadcast by KBS1 from mid 2006 to early 2007.

As the story goes, Yoon-jeong’s mom would not let Yoon-jeong exit after she was greatly embarrassed within the public place by her and Woo-kyung. Woo-kyung goes to Yoon-jeong’s house, firmly saying that he does not want Yoon-jeong to go to anymore courting. After watching Extracurricular, I had my eye on Nam Yoon Su. I made a observe that he was in a web drama similar to A-Teen and the other day scrolling via Viki, I realized that it was on there so I decided why the hell not.

Yoon-jeong then asks her older sister Yoon-ji what she did so that she might get their mom to let the older sister to marry. The Older sister then advised Yoon-jeong that she faked her own pregnancy. Yoon-jeong then fakes her own being pregnant to her mom and her mother believes it.

That is why when Chan Sol starts helping her, she falls in love with him. Park Se Hyun managed to face out despite the fact that she was a facet character. He has been in love with Jin Ah for years, but finds it exhausting to admit to her. Nam Yoon Soo was the proper male lead that a college drama wants, all sweet and boyfriend materials. Meanwhile, Jin Ah is receiving messages from a fan of her Instagram inventive writing account.

When she fakes it, her mother says that Woo-kyung and Yoon-jeong have to be married shortly since sex earlier than marriage could be very unhealthy in Korea. Woo-kyung and Yoon-jeong set a date and when her mom tells Woo-kyung that, he will get extremely indignant. Yoon-jeong begs Woo-kyung and her mother for her dishonesty.

That is because Yu Ri had been betrayed by her old finest good friend in her previous faculty and had been bullied relentlessly until she transferred. That is why Yu Ri doesn’t trust anybody and he or she is afraid that if she interferes with Jin Ah’s scenario, she is going to turn into a target again. Another skilled actress, Kang Min Ah was pretty good, especially with the dramatic scenes. Gook-hwa learns that Yoon-hoo is going to Singapore, and realizes that she does have feelings for Yoon-hoo.