Think About These Ways To Change Your ICO Promotion


The truth is, “somebody” will judge you. And it’s not just your mom (although she might be the first one to tell you that you’re a terrible writer). There are entire websites out there devoted to reviewing everything from books and movies to electronic devices and games. You can’t be too careful when it comes to your ICO and crypto influence because if somebody makes an offer on it, they’re going to review everything about them – including their marketing plan.

1. Get an ICO Review

The first thing you need to do is get a review. This can be done in a variety of ways, depending on the situation. In some cases, you might have a friend who works at a company that can offer an unbiased opinion of your product or service. You can also contact your local newspaper, or even the local television station if you’re running an internet-based business. Some sites, like, take no money for their reviews and simply offer their opinions freely. If your product is new and fairly unknown in the cryptocurrency world, this could be your best option as they will usually give it a good score anyway.

2. Make Your Site Easy to Sift Through

Always make sure that your site is easy to sift through. If people have to look for hours just to find the basic information about your ICO, they’re going to get bored and probably leave without doing anything. It should be easy for them to do as much research as possible without getting bogged down in details that are unimportant. This can be a hard thing to nail down; you don’t want them getting bored, but you also don’t want them getting lost in the mix of things.

3. Remind Them What It Is

The best way to make your website easy to sift through is to simply place a link that explains what it is you’re doing. You’ll want to explain to them exactly how you’re offering something, what role they’ll play in the process and even how long it will take for them to receive their payment. You have the right to give them more information than they’ll receive at the end of your ICO, but those are things that are best kept vague until the actual offering takes place Guest posting sites are here.

4. Make It Your Own

You must always make sure that everything on your website is your own creation. Anything that has been used before either belongs to your company or is owned by someone else. If you use stock footage from a company or print something off of the internet, you’ll always want to make it clear that you’re using it. If you plan on using a third-party company’s logo on your site, ask them for permission first. This will make sure that the image is clean, controlled and backed by an organization that is reliable in their work.

5. Give Them Something to Look For

If all else fails and people are becoming bored, you can always add a link to your site where they can sign up for future updates. This way they’ll have something new and exciting to look at when they go there again. This is a good idea if you have a website that’s been live and open for a while, but if your site is brand new then you might want to save this option until the actual ICO offering has occurred.

6. Let People Know How Their Involvement Will Help

The best way to get people to go with your ICO is to let them know how it will help them. You don’t even have to tell them how it’ll make money; just tell them how they’ll be using it. If they’re going to be able to buy something, let them know why they would want to do so – and make sure that the answer isn’t just because of the company’s logo for seo backlinks.

7. Tell Them It’s Live

It’s always a good idea to let people know that the ICO has begun. This includes posting updates on Twitter and Facebook, as well as mentioning it on Slack, Reddit or wherever you plan on getting your community involved. The best part about this is that anyone who is interested in participating will already have come to your site anyway, so there’s no reason for them not to purchase something right at the start.

8. Make Sure People Know What They’re Getting

If you’re offering cryptocurrency, make sure people understand what they’re getting in return. Referring back to the first point, tell people what they will be able to purchase. It seems obvious, but there are some projects out there that have failed because people didn’t bother to even look at what they were actually offering.

9. Make It Easy To Print Out

Printing is a hard thing for ICOs and NFT – especially when it’s something as basic as a brochure. If you’re trying to be taken seriously, make sure that your logo is big and easy to see on the page with plenty of white space surrounding it. If people can’t make it out or don’t like how easy it is for them to read, they’re not going to care about the information within.


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