weed graffiti


It is a lot of fun to paint your home, but we can’t do it for free. Why? Because the good weed is bad on you. We’re all about that.

Sure, you could paint your house yourself to get the weed off, but the problem is that you would probably do it in such a way that made your home look worse, not better, than it already does.

It’s a popular misconception that people who live in an area that has lots of weed tend to have a more negative reaction to it. This isn’t necessarily true. It’s not like the weed is bad for your health, it’s just that the weed has a way of making your home look bad. As long as you don’t mind the bad taste, you shouldn’t have a problem with it.

And for that, I’d suggest you get the spray paint out. That’s where it all goes wrong. People who spray paint their homes tend to have a really bad reaction to it. They are terrified of it, and think that the paint makes their house look horrible. This makes no sense. The paint can do a whole lot of good. It can cover up other issues, like structural damage.

Thats where the real damage is. Painting can make your house look ugly and you might never know it. It can make your home look as bad as its already bad, as your roof leaks and your walls are crumbling. A better idea would be to do some things to your home that you dont mind and leave the exterior the way it is.


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